Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Story of Doris and Bertha

This is Doris the Dancing Queen she is made just like a doll even her fingers are wired to dance. Doris is made from recycled clothes and stuffed with straw and rags the only thing new is her wig from the pound shop. Her body is made from an old sheet and her face hand embroidered. Like me she loves to dance.

This is Bertha her Mummy you have met her before on my blog she was made in a similar way to Doris excepy her face is machine embroidered.
There is a sad tale to tell about Bertha and I only hope its not a case of like mother like daughter
Bertha only likes to come out of the shed her home when the sun is out, the bottle is out and she can smell food so just read on

Here is Doris and her Mummy in the garden on a lovely English Summer day but see what happens when I am not keeping my eye on her

This is how it all started at a birthday party in the garden and someone gave her a drink

This is how it ended. Poor Bertha she will have to behave now her daughter has come for a holiday.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Few Cloth Dolls

I haven't been blogging very much but I have been sewing I love these Annie dolls they come from a free pattern at Oh Sew Dollin which can be found in my links I did try to put it in this post but lost it all because I didn't do it properly I'm sure its quite easy to do but I don't seem to get the hang of it
I thought I might try selling my dolls at a craft fair this season so far Ive only tried my church craft stall. The local community center may be having one before Christmas and as I'm on the organising committee I should have a go. I did find another local one but by the time you have all the insurances they ask for an awful lot of dolls would have to be sold to even cover the cost

I thought I might call her Comfort she is made to love and be loved. She comes from a pattern in the magazine Sew Hip but I have changed her arms and legs making them shorter and stuffing them instead of leaving flat I also changed the face I don't always like dolls with the closed eyes. I wonder sometimes what the designer thinks when a pattern gets changed.

Tilda Dolls

Do you know the Tilda Books by Tone Finnanger who lives in Norway. I came across her books a few months ago I particularly like her dolls I have Springtime Crafts from which these are from I have her latest book Sew Sunny Homestyle that has an angel and several others based on the same pattern. These are the bunnies I think they are cute and I don't usually like cute bunnies hedgehogs teddies etc. I love the hats. In the book they are all made from linen which is on the expensive side so I have made them all from cotton some of which I have dyed.

These are the good witches a tradition in Scandinavia at Easter.
I like these as they are a bit different quite easy to make but the photo could have been better