Monday, November 30, 2009

Colour for the Start of Christmas

This lovely Christmas Cati is spreading good cheer around my conservatory with its lovely red flowers telling me that its time to start buying Christmas presents. I have been trying to ignore the fact that it is only about three weeks away. Apart from my husband who has stashed away the drinks for Christmas and I have a few Christmas cards nothing has been done. I have attended a couple of craft fairs where I sold a few things but not as much as I would have liked I am on a learning curve to pick the right venues the one I attended last Saturday my table was next to the teddy bear tombola with five tickets to the pound it was hard going.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ciarans Monster Ghost

On Saturday my grandchildren came to stay over for the weekend. The afternoon was cold and grey so we decided to do some sewing. Ciaran drew a picture of a ghost and Nan traced it onto material and he sewed around the picture. Ciaran is only six years old and he spent a long time concentrating on this project.
His sister is now doing the same but is taking much longer as she was slow to get into the mood.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sew Hip Doorstop Mouse

She or maybe he comes from a pattern in Sew Hip Magazine it was very easy to do. There is a big garden stone inside to weigh the mouse down the pattern suggests a bag of sand but that I would have to go out and buy so out into the garden I went. There was a cloth ball on the end of the nose but thought this would be too tempting for the grandchildren to pick up and swing about so he has an embroidered nose. I stuffed the end of him with a cut up old jumper and finished off with toy stuffing he probably isn't as smooth as he should be but he has character and maybe he is getting on a bit like his maker.
I enjoy this magazine it has a variety of projects including patchwork dressmaking and toy making what I really like are the articles in particular the stories of the blogs I love to visit. There is plenty to read even if you don't want to make a project. That's good advertising maybe they will send me a free copy sometime.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fabric Birds atc

Atc cards were made for a swap at mixed media uk yahoo group. I havent made any for sometime and found it very confining to work in this small space again. They are birds of bling the middle one looks as though he is about to take off.

Christmas Banner

I made this banner for my church about two years ago its one of three of mine that are put up every Christmas. This picture shows the main part of the banner and has been chosen for the church Christmas card this year. Although it doesn't show there is quite a bit of glitter that I
enjoyed using kings must shine. I had to stretch this around a board to illiminate any wrinkles in the fabric for the photo but the banner was edged in fringing and hung from a small pole.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Pretty Cloth Bags

A few bags I have been making from pieces of material and lace I have collected
that haven't cost very much. Isn't it funny that we collect so much stuff to add to our stash
and then I know I am reluctant to use some of it in case I might need it for something else. We cant take it with us or on second thoughts maybe we can. I thought they would be good to sell with the idea fill these with pretty things for Christmas. The bag standing up I have quilted which is not something I do a lot of and the blue embroidered panel is a pattern taken from Stitch.