Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boy Embroidery

My grandson Ciaran has been visiting me for the day it was too hot to go further than the local swings and while he was watching TV I was sewing I could see him watching me and eventually he asked if he could sew as well. He drew a picture and I traced it on to the material and with a bit of help from me he spent quite some time sewing. He had already sewn a ghost with me a few weeks ago and seems to get very involved in the process. He made a very good job of it considering hes only six. His sister who is ten wasn't interested and stayed inside to read her book Emily isnt very interested in sewing but will take part in any other craft.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Bedford River Festival

This is the River Festival in my home town said to be the second biggest festival in the UK after Nottinghill Carnival. I think this year there were more people than ever maybe because of the weather. The parade was great and there was a great crush down by the river with all the stalls and events. My family had a get together in the evening there were about 20 of us we had a good evening. My brother and his wife came to stay for the weekend and we made a great collection for the bottle bank. On Sunday we visited a cousin I hadn't seen for about 40 years when I was her bridesmaid. What a weekend I'm still recovering.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Bead Swap

These beads are made from fabric painted or inked stamped embossed and bejewelled. The green bead I embossed with no bother then I changed to a new embossing ink pad and how ever hard I tried it wouldnt emboss very well. I spent some time doing this until I checked the pad it was a white coloured ink pad so no wonder it wouldnt work dah dah.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Journal of Bertha and Doris

Bertha and Doris
are going to have an adventure keep reading to find out what happens.
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Bertha and Doris have an Outing

If you have read the story of Bertha and Doris who live in my shed you will be interested to know they have been for a trip out. The day was very hot they both like this weather but they were not impressed with their mode of travel. Both of them were stuffed into the car in a not very lady like way. When they arrived they were delighted to meet some new friends they were at the scarecrow festival held at St Marys Church. Bertha did her lady act and told everybody she was not a scarecrow she was a life size doll. Bertha was overjoyed as she even met some men scarecrows and whatismore she won a prize
We all had a lovely day and yes a very English day at the church fete with lunch and cream cakes my craft stall and lots of lovely sun. They said it would be good to go out again

Friday, July 9, 2010


These fish I made for a Mixed Media UK swap. The background is painted lutrador and the fish made with glitter materials.
I see from the date of the posting before this its been sometime. What have I been doing I'm not quite sure but I ha vent been idle just bits and pieces. We went to Camden Lock Market in London a couple of weeks ago and saw all the fashion and did a lot of people watching. We were sitting outside a pub on the very busy Camden High Street and I couldn't believe my eyes a bloke on roller wheels or whatever you call them came skating down very fast in and out of the traffic I had to look away in case he fell. We sat there for some time and three other people came skating by so it wasn't unusual. Also there were more people on bikes than in the much quieter town where I live. I have a bike but haven't used it very much the excuses are its too cold its too windy its raining and now of course its toooo hot. These fish seem to be swimming around very confusing they started off together. I expect I will get the hang of this posting one day