Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Class Room Pet

This is Brian the classroom pet I made for my granddaughter for her class at Everton school. Odd name I thought where did they get that from a story character the only one I know is Brian from the Magic Roundabout but that shows my age.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stitch Book

At last I have managed to post pictures of my Stitch Book. After taking the photos editing them then finding Blogger had changed its dashboard its taken two or three goes to get my head around that still havent mastered it. It took me long enough to to sort out how to set up and manage my blog and then they change it I wish I knew someone who would pop around and show me these things instead of having to mess around by trial and error yes I did read about it but my head isnt into all this and I soon get confused its my age but I have to say none of my friends have a blog and look at me in a strange way when I say I have one.
Back to the book its a cloth book I have dyed some of the pages.  One side is the stitch done in several different ways the other side is where I have used it in a pattern. Five of us get together to meet in my house once a month to encourage each other and help out if someone has difficulties with a stitch and of course there is lots of chat. It took just over a year to complete the books and they are all different we are now doing crazy patchwork I dont know if I will turn it into a book or a wall hanging.

Stitch Book

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Not a Lot

I havent posted since March thats not very good but I have been busy we have had Easter and the Jubilee that was good had a BBQ with 30 people we sung the usual English songs and went to a Jubilee Party. I have finished a Stitch Book among many things but I have to get out my camera and take photos to post thats the boring part dont like taking photos. So watch this space.
Im not going to mention the weather its too awful to think about we are all going to turn into lumps of rust

Monday, March 12, 2012

More Sock Dolls

Two more sock dolls I was commissioned to make these by the lady who takes recycling classes at my local community center.
They are slightly easier to make than the previous one.

The second one is a penguin but I didnt take a very good photo he came from a book of sock dolls I did quite like him he was no bother to make. He is waiting for a fish now and the girls for a boyfriend. I might get around to the boyfriends sometime.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sock Doll

Do you like my sock doll she has go to bed eyes and hot lips well sort off. She is made from a sock cut up the middle from the toe to almost the heel sewn from one side of the cut around to the other making a horseshoe shape this forms the legs.Turned the right way and stuffed gather the top of the sock after cutting of the elastic top and that is the head. A scalf or ribbon can be tied around the neck area mine has a jumper cut from a leg warmer that has an elastic top this forms the neck. Next from another sock cut from the top of the sock down to about the heel for the arms sew up and stuff sew arm to body before dressed or after the jacket is made. There are better instructions on the internet with pictures if you search for sock doll. The eyes and lips are made from felt. She is now asking me for a boyfriend. I was inspired to make this doll having looked at the blog Doll Stories by Netamir. Her dolls are made from old jumpers and socks they are really good. As I dont have a supply of of old jumpers and I dont knit I made the clothes from my supply of old teashirts and fabric stash. If you click on the title it will take you to Doll Stories.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Winter Handmade Paper and Fabric Book

This book which includes white embroidery handmade paper and painted sewn paper didnt start out as Winter it just seemed to come about. I really like the cover its collaged with different paper and I rubbed in some paint and sparkles.
After taking apart a water colour book I hand stitched it up again I think this makes it your own
My friend Jacki took it to show her class they liked it very much so she is taking it back again
It didnt photograph very well there isnt any pink