Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Stitch Book

At last I have managed to post pictures of my Stitch Book. After taking the photos editing them then finding Blogger had changed its dashboard its taken two or three goes to get my head around that still havent mastered it. It took me long enough to to sort out how to set up and manage my blog and then they change it I wish I knew someone who would pop around and show me these things instead of having to mess around by trial and error yes I did read about it but my head isnt into all this and I soon get confused its my age but I have to say none of my friends have a blog and look at me in a strange way when I say I have one.
Back to the book its a cloth book I have dyed some of the pages.  One side is the stitch done in several different ways the other side is where I have used it in a pattern. Five of us get together to meet in my house once a month to encourage each other and help out if someone has difficulties with a stitch and of course there is lots of chat. It took just over a year to complete the books and they are all different we are now doing crazy patchwork I dont know if I will turn it into a book or a wall hanging.

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