Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Embroidery Guild Christmas Tree

This is our Christmas tree in the local church all the decorations were made by members of the guild it was in aid of local charities

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Christmas Tree Ornaments

My Embroidery Guild decorates a tree in a Christmas Festival at a church in town this is all for charity. This year mine were machine embroidered and mounted on white felt.

Jill Flower Workshop

Jill has been running an Embroidery Guild workshop making these brooches. We all had a good time it was good fun. They are made from coloured magazine pages cut into strips and applied with machining to aqua soluble fabric then washed to dissolve. When gathered we hand sewed beads and sequins on. I shall wear them over Christmas and then probably use on a book cover


I have had a big 000000 birthday so to celebrate my old age I painted a canvas. The photo was touched up but having lightened it I now have white hair I really dont have hair that colour. The background is mostly Sherrill Kahns sorbets I have had a set hanging about for sometime. I purchased a set of small bottles not wanting to use them all I have hardly touched them daft isnt it. This was all done on photo canvas it came out well apart from it didnt take stamping very well. I will pin it up on the wall in my craft room.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fabric Book of Roses

I love making fabric books I like to see how I can make each page different. This one has embroidery stamping printed images and fabric collage and its a good way to use up all the supplies I have stashed away. In between the pages I have placed compressed wadding but I wont be using it again I found it quite hard to machine on. When the pages were machined together I hand sewed them into a cover. I shall soon be able to open a library of handmade books I feel one about Autumn colours coming on.

Art Journal Pages

Three of my latest pages from my art journal.
When I have time I like to make a few pages usually about some event or time of the year.
The journal man I found on an old poster this is the second time he has appeared I like to think he get better each time he appears

Paper Bag Book

Just a few images of a paper bag book I made the brown paper bag from Primark. Its not great art but thats why I enjoyed doing it very relaxing. Paint stamping and collage

Bertha and Doris Again

Bertha and Doris have been to a BBQ in my garden during the summer they dont often come out of the shed only when the sun shines. Bertha's Mum who was visiting was not very pleased to see them misbehaving one to many glasses I expect wouldnt you think they would behave when Mum and Grandmother were on a visit. They had been flirting with Russell when I wasnt there so he asked them would they do his washing and were they any good at cooking but no they told him they would never do any ones washing and cooking so that was that.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quilt Festival Birmingham

Just a few photos I took at the Quilt Festival the first time I have been as I dont do very much patchwork and quilting to precise for me getting all the points and corners lined up I prefer free style and if you do make a mistake it can always be how it was planned anyway
It was very crowded and most of the ladies seemed to have money to spend although like myself they probably saved up to go
The photos here were not the prize winners which were just out of this world they were just works that caught my fancy and were within my scope. Sorry ladies I didnt get your names.

Leaves Post Card Swap

A set of post cards I have just made for a swap with mixedmedia uk, Patchwork cut out shapes and hand embroidery.

English Country Style Garden

My garden is looking very good this year must be the rain and sunshine although we havent had as much rain here in the south east'ish as the north and west of England

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Altered Book

The Lady and the Garden was my choice of theme for the altered book at yahoo mixedmedia uk. We started the book last year I already have some photos on how it was altered it took some time to arrive back but the book is now finished.
I had to resew the first three sections back in the book as they had come loose and eventually fallen completely out. I had to think about this first but sewed them back with a coptic stitch onto calico and then into the book but with a touch of paint and new front pages everything fell into place very well. One of the reasons they came out was the way I had divided the pages not making sure there was an overlap that didn't show the stitching between each decorated page.
The book now looks very good and there is some really good art in it. I am going to show this in the autumn at a local hobby exhibition. I have now lent the book to a friend who is going to show it to her local group to encourage them to make a book.