Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Embroidery Guild Regional Day

For the lectures we had Phillipa Turnball talking about Crewel Work in Castles and Country Houses. Maggie Grey on Layers of Stitch and Straps Maggie is quite a personality and has a voice that projects without using a microphone her husband accompanies her and is in charge, well sort of in charge of the film strip well directed by Maggie. Maggie also had a display of her work and I asked her about the catalogue, visitors to her blog will know all about it, and she immediately sent her husband out to the car to retrieve the one she had left which was the Madonna one she let me have a look at this and it is quite hard to the touch. She told me she sold the first one and only for £20 as she had already described the
making of it and didn't think she could charge anymore for a catalogue left out in the rain. She also told me how surprised she was at the interest that was shown in USA and Europe. The photo shows Maggie being introduced by Nodeen.


  1. Lucky you to have Maggie visit, she is always fun and you learn so much from her. It sounds as though it was a huge success, huge amount of work but worthwhile when everyone enjoys themselves.

  2. Now you know why we love Maggie so much in the UK. Apart from her textiles and all her books of course.

  3. Apologies Jean, I forgot you too are in the UK! Mags