Monday, February 21, 2011

I havent posted for sometime as Ive been under the weather not ill but coughs colds and then in bed with the flue serves me right for not having my flue jab why because I dont get flue but needless to say I will be having one next winter.
I have been busy since feeling better I hope you enjoy my softies and please look at the postcards I made I could be sending you one.

Funny Things Softies

I liked making these haven't named them yet they come from the magazine Stuffed by Denise Litchfield. I love this Magazine but its so expensive to buy in the UK its cheaper to buy a book its around £18 to order online unless anyone knows where I can get it cheaper the same with Art Journaling.

Henny Penny Softie

Henny Penny already for my Easter Craft Stall
These were fun to make again the idea came from the same mag made by Christy Silacci mine are not quite so random as hers. I always start off with the intention of doing the frayed thing but it always ends up neat. I made the pattern myself and went from there with the embelishments.
I will do a black and red one if I have time

Printing on Fabric and Card

This was an old white but not so white now pillow case before I started on it. I have used arcylic paints spread on with an old credit card and then stamped with shop or homemade stamps still using acrylic paint the butterflys were stencilled
I like to make a few stamps myself by cutting up fun foam and sticking the foam onto thick cardboard or mounting board whatever you have with carpet tape. I think this makes it very much your own design.
I then cut it into strips doodled on it and machined it onto card for a postcard swap.
The picture below the postcards was done in the same way on card but I used Brusho watercolour paint for the background. I love this paint the colours are so vivid
it comes in powder form and can be painted or sprayed on I also have a thickener so I can make patterns in it or it can be used with stamps or stencils but its not very precise used this way. I used this card for the cover of a note book the picture in the middle is a photo of leaves that I played around with it in Zoner studio I downloaded this free on the internet. I don't really know how to use it properly it takes so much time to follow instructions and I cant always understand them.
If you would like me to send you one of these postcards please leave a comment or send me an email I will send one overseas