Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lucky Black Cat

Lucky black cat again a little larger this time made from the calico cat pattern.
He might land up on my craft stall


Postcards I am taking to The States with me to post thought I might try posting without an envelope cant remember the term for doing that. I might call them plastic lace as they made from carrier bags strips woven with strips of material and lace then ironed to hold it altogether I then hand and machine embroidered them They came out quite well.

STAR Little Monster

This is Star Ive made him for my granddaughter who is just starting her first teaching job straight from college this must be quite scary but she is in a small village school. She wanted me to make her something to give one of the children to take home for the weekend if they had been specially good. I wanted to make something the children would really like to take home. I came up with this baby monster but I was inspired by Denise at grrl+dog click on the title Star. He or maybe she I did find making one that the boys would like too was a bit restrictive but it was fun to make. I would like to make one that is a bit more wild like the ones Denise has made. I do find it hard to let go and do wild and frayed