Thursday, January 21, 2010


I haven't made any atcs for a while being busy making craft stall stuff. I do like making them they are like designing little pictures and they don't take long and isn't it nice to get the swaps back in the post.
The heart is for a Valentine swap its filled with bullion and french knots very relaxing just sewing one on top of another no designing there. The second ones are for a patchwork theme made with ribbon and machine stitches I'm not into patchwork its all to neat and precise for me although I do like crazy patchwork. Again for mixedmediauk. If you would like to join click on the name in my links everyone is welcome beginners especially.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Book Page Swap

Before Christmas I hosted a fabric book page swap at mixedmediauk yahoo group see my links. The pages were all very different and all well done. I have now made the pages up into a book. I used one of those pliers with the eyelets to make the holes but I don't get on with this tool very well I'm not sure exactly how its done and the instructions on the packet are not very good I expect its all very easy if you see how its done. I am not very good at figuring these things out but its all very scary when you are doing it on some sewing you have spent some time doing. I did just about manage it but it could have been done a bit more expertly.

Book Page Swap

Postcard Swap

Post Card Swap

Two more cards for the Stitch Magazine swap. I cut out scraps of material and machined them on to vilene with the set patterns on my machine then embellished with Suffolk puffs and flowers. The card with the red braid around the outside is the one I donated to be sold for the Embroidery Guild. As I thought the braid was a bit over the top I didn't put it on the second one. I would love to hear from you if you receive one of my cards including the one with the lady on.Maybe a bit unlikely but you never know I have just been contacted by a lady in one of my groups who lives in the same town and we are going to meet up next week. I am looking forward to this as she makes dolls too. Most of my friends don't even sew.