Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Postcard Swap

Would anyone like to swap postcards. I have made these three cards from lutradur
dyes and salt then machined and hand embroidered. I have called them citrus which could be the theme for yours. Please leave a comment or contact me by email

Dolls from Sew Me Love Me

Do you like these dolls I have named them Freddie Fox and Harriet Hound. They are great character dolls from the book Sew Me Love Me by Hsiu-Lan Kuei. I will make one or two more when I find time. One thing I liked was some of the dolls could be made from old jumpers without having to felt them although I havent tested these yet. I don't have very many all wool jumpers and the one I did try in the washing machine just wouldn't I even boiled it in a saucepan apart from the fact it stretched a bit it didn't felt. I must be doing something wrong. I bet if I put a new jumper in a hot wash by mistake it wouldn't be wearable well that's life.


Its been sometime since I last posted the older you get the quicker time gos. It must be because I enjoy retirement and all the time I get to do my own thing my husband hasn't retired yet and moans every time he gets up about how he wants to retire but the answer to that is dint wish your life away at least that's what I told myself before I retired.
I have recently taken part in two tags swaps and having thought about what to do with them I decided to hang them like bunting on my craft room wall above the window. I did think about hanging them in the conservatory but the sun will fade them very quickly and they didn't look right on the walls in my downstairs rooms.