Thursday, November 26, 2009

Sew Hip Doorstop Mouse

She or maybe he comes from a pattern in Sew Hip Magazine it was very easy to do. There is a big garden stone inside to weigh the mouse down the pattern suggests a bag of sand but that I would have to go out and buy so out into the garden I went. There was a cloth ball on the end of the nose but thought this would be too tempting for the grandchildren to pick up and swing about so he has an embroidered nose. I stuffed the end of him with a cut up old jumper and finished off with toy stuffing he probably isn't as smooth as he should be but he has character and maybe he is getting on a bit like his maker.
I enjoy this magazine it has a variety of projects including patchwork dressmaking and toy making what I really like are the articles in particular the stories of the blogs I love to visit. There is plenty to read even if you don't want to make a project. That's good advertising maybe they will send me a free copy sometime.


  1. Hi,

    I love your doostrop mouse... where can i get the pattern or intructions how to make one for me?

    big thanks

  2. Your mouse is adorable :)
    Where could I get a pattern for this cute mouse?