Friday, November 6, 2009

Pretty Cloth Bags

A few bags I have been making from pieces of material and lace I have collected
that haven't cost very much. Isn't it funny that we collect so much stuff to add to our stash
and then I know I am reluctant to use some of it in case I might need it for something else. We cant take it with us or on second thoughts maybe we can. I thought they would be good to sell with the idea fill these with pretty things for Christmas. The bag standing up I have quilted which is not something I do a lot of and the blue embroidered panel is a pattern taken from Stitch.

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  1. Hello Jean, just been looking through your blog, what a lot of lovely things:) My (ill, and off school) 11 year old and I had a good laugh at Doris's mum's story, no, I mean it's very sad really. She makes me think of Miss SHuttleworth (an HE Bates character who makes wine)