Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fashion Doll

This is Fashionable Freda the doll who likes fashion. The pattern comes from Mimi Kirchner and her felt dolls take a look at her lovely dolls on her website, see my links. I made mine in cloth being the cheaper option. I did adjust the pattern by making the arms longer and cutting out two for each arm I shall thin these the next time the hands were quick and easy to do.The clothes are my own patterns I was inspired by the book Fresh Fruits by Shoichi Aoki it is full of photos of Japanese girls dressed up in all sorts of fashion taken in Tokyo on a street closed to traffic on a Sunday. All sorts of combinations much wilder than mine I must try harder next time.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tea in the Garden with Nostalgia

I have been caught looking at all the blogs with vintage stuff on them I especially like Nostalgia at the Stonehouse, see my links. There are so many lovely photos and pretty things on the site I find them so inspiring and would like to own some of these things myself but wait a minute I do have a collection of vintage china with pictures of crinoline ladies and a few with the thatched cottage along with various ornaments and jugs. I just haven't thought of them as vintage just things I like. I live in an ordinary modern house maybe I'm hankering for an old cottage in the country. A week ago when the sun was out I had a tea party in my garden with all this lovely bone china and wait for it, I made a Victoria sandwich cake, haven't made one for ages. Time I think for photos
more later.

Flower Book Pages

Two more pages for the book page swap I am hosting at Mixed Media UK. I have used a transfer from the magazine Prima 1992. This took my eye when I used to buy this magazine it was originally for a table cloth but I don't think I would ever embroider the whole of this far too boring so I have started cutting it up. I like hand embroidery and this was quick and easy to do.
I have noticed when the photo is enlarged the transfer markings are showing but they cant be seen with the eye.

Friday, June 5, 2009

New Doll Finished

Here she is all finished. I have called her Rosy May her colouring is not as bright as the photo shows she is a more faded pink-peach colour. I have decided to give her as a birthday gift as she has turned out quite well.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Dolls

My local church is having a flower festival with an art and craft exhibition in July so I have been busy making things for the craft stall. This is a simple rag doll the pattern for the doll is not mine, the clothes are. My husband thinks she looks like an Audrey Rose.
This is one in progress not yet named I'm not sure how I want to do her face. I don't like trying to paint a face on this sort of doll as I'm not that good at faces and there is only one go I'm sure to mess it up. I'm much better at embroidering a face at least if it doesn't work it can be unpicked. I'm also not sure what I'm going to charge as customers at church craft stalls don't like paying realistic prices but I did make it quickly with all the materials from my stash.