Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fabric Book of Roses

I love making fabric books I like to see how I can make each page different. This one has embroidery stamping printed images and fabric collage and its a good way to use up all the supplies I have stashed away. In between the pages I have placed compressed wadding but I wont be using it again I found it quite hard to machine on. When the pages were machined together I hand sewed them into a cover. I shall soon be able to open a library of handmade books I feel one about Autumn colours coming on.

Art Journal Pages

Three of my latest pages from my art journal.
When I have time I like to make a few pages usually about some event or time of the year.
The journal man I found on an old poster this is the second time he has appeared I like to think he get better each time he appears

Paper Bag Book

Just a few images of a paper bag book I made the brown paper bag from Primark. Its not great art but thats why I enjoyed doing it very relaxing. Paint stamping and collage

Bertha and Doris Again

Bertha and Doris have been to a BBQ in my garden during the summer they dont often come out of the shed only when the sun shines. Bertha's Mum who was visiting was not very pleased to see them misbehaving one to many glasses I expect wouldnt you think they would behave when Mum and Grandmother were on a visit. They had been flirting with Russell when I wasnt there so he asked them would they do his washing and were they any good at cooking but no they told him they would never do any ones washing and cooking so that was that.