Friday, July 9, 2010


These fish I made for a Mixed Media UK swap. The background is painted lutrador and the fish made with glitter materials.
I see from the date of the posting before this its been sometime. What have I been doing I'm not quite sure but I ha vent been idle just bits and pieces. We went to Camden Lock Market in London a couple of weeks ago and saw all the fashion and did a lot of people watching. We were sitting outside a pub on the very busy Camden High Street and I couldn't believe my eyes a bloke on roller wheels or whatever you call them came skating down very fast in and out of the traffic I had to look away in case he fell. We sat there for some time and three other people came skating by so it wasn't unusual. Also there were more people on bikes than in the much quieter town where I live. I have a bike but haven't used it very much the excuses are its too cold its too windy its raining and now of course its toooo hot. These fish seem to be swimming around very confusing they started off together. I expect I will get the hang of this posting one day

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