Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bertha and Doris have an Outing

If you have read the story of Bertha and Doris who live in my shed you will be interested to know they have been for a trip out. The day was very hot they both like this weather but they were not impressed with their mode of travel. Both of them were stuffed into the car in a not very lady like way. When they arrived they were delighted to meet some new friends they were at the scarecrow festival held at St Marys Church. Bertha did her lady act and told everybody she was not a scarecrow she was a life size doll. Bertha was overjoyed as she even met some men scarecrows and whatismore she won a prize
We all had a lovely day and yes a very English day at the church fete with lunch and cream cakes my craft stall and lots of lovely sun. They said it would be good to go out again

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