Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Recycling Plastic Bags

I'm into fusing plastic bags by making a sandwich of
four plastic bags with top and bottoms cut off and sheets of baking paper to protect your iron and the ironing board. Experiment with the heat of the iron it doesn't need to be very hot and work with good ventilation, I didn't do a lot at anyone time. I have also ironed squares from another bag on top then added text with a permanent pen and free machined all over to blend it together. I try not to use plastic bags by taking my own material ones to the supermarket and carrying one in my handbag but I have saved different coloured ones and some with pictures on. I am now getting very sad as I have asked my friends if they have any interesting ones and even worse I now notice who has got a good one I would like to use and if I know them well enough will ask for it. I will be making a few more and maybe trying to use embossing powder.


  1. I've not done anything with plastic for a while as I got myself into quite a mess but I love your pencil case and bags.

    Luv Annette

  2. Love your plastic bag creations! You have great colours there, keep asking your friends for more bags!

  3. Very clever idea. They are colorful and pretty.

    Lori Giles

  4. You are a very creative lady, Jean. I love these and your use of plastic bags. Also love your dolls.