Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cats for Becky

Having painted the faces I didn't want to part with them I shall have to make myself a cat but it wont have stripes maybe I will stamp some flowers on mine.
I did learn one or two things from making these cats mainly from Becky's Blog the word anthropomorphic which I had to look up means with human like characteristics and I found the lovely cats of Rosina Wachjmeister I might just buy a print or poster to put up on the wall. If you don't know her just put her name in search. Also the hearts of Jim Dine the American pop artist The names of the cats are Molly and Rosie and if you click on the title at the start of these postings it will take you to their very own book.


  1. I love your cats, animals are always fun to create, keep up the great work. You blog is great. Hugs, Kat Lees

  2. Jean, these cats are wonderful, no wonder Becky was so delighted! :o)