Monday, March 8, 2010

Papier Mache Fun

Emily my grandaughter has been to visit for the day and we have been playing with papier mache. We started with a kitchen paper tube cut down to a small size which we filled with scruched up paper rolled in paste and pushed inside the tube to form a head this had to dry. Then it was just tearing newspaper into smallish strips and pasting around the head and tube to form the body. This also had to dry didnt take too long on top of the radiators. Then came the part we like best dressing it up Emily decided to use material to make a dress and cloak which meant a trip to my fabric cupboard which took quite a long time to decide on the colours. A face was painted and then wool stuck on for hair
My dolls were similar with lace painted for the hair.The paste was made from white glue and wallpaper paste Emily isnt allergic to this mix otherwise a flour and water paste could be made

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