Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The pages are now glued together and painted with gesso. I used Elmers pva which worked well. I did try using acrylic medium but couldn't tell the difference so as pva is much cheaper have used that although I used the acrylic to stick the collage with. I have found that if you get glue on the page it cant be painted over something that I hadn't thought of before. This was the first page I did and with practice it came out smoother. I used an old credit card and a roller to get the wrinkles out.


  1. You can paint over glue with acrylic paint but it acta as a resist to watercolour - which in itself is a userul thing to know as you can then do it on purpose!

  2. Your pages look much less wrinkly than mine! I hope I have improved a bit by the time I get to your lovely book :) I like the idea of using Pva as a resist - I think I am going to have to start an ideas book just to keep track of all the things that I need to try out. I have joined you as a follower and added you to my blog.