Friday, October 8, 2010

I'm Back

Havent posted for a few weeks as Ive been on holiday. Ive achieved an ambition Ive had for some time now. We have toured USA my husband was driving and we drove from Washington DC down through the Blue Ridge Mountains to Nashville Memphis and of course Gracelands down south to Layfette we stayed in Br Bridge right down to New Orleans. We had a wonderful time with a few adventures on the way Russell was stopped by the police for speeding and we got lost a few times even though we had a sat nav. We met some lovely people everyone was very friendly. We both had awful jet lag when we got home and it took ages to recover also due to rushing about and living out of suitcases. We suffered from lack of sunlight the temperature in the States was 98 at one time lowest 86. I loved the hot weather all that lovely sun but of course we were on holiday and could rest for the hottest part of the day. Some of the Brits I know start complaining when it gets to 25c. I started an art journal haven't attempted one before I wanted to make notes along the way to record the things we saw. I don't usually write a diary so to make it interesting to do I collaged and painted the pages. I'm still doodling in it I'm not good at drawing I will put up some pics when its done and some photos we took 1800 and did 3000 miles pheeeew.

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