Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Art Journal

A few pictures of my first Christmas Art Journal I didn't know if I would finish it but found after Christmas I did have time to sit by myself and work in it I can only watch so much television. Christmas seemed to go on for ever this year especially as we had two extra bank holidays Russell was off from Christmas Eve till the Tuesday after New Year. I think even he was glad to get back to work Ive had the cold and cough going around so haven't felt too good for the last few days but I did manage to get to a garden centre and Stamp Addicts where they were having an art and craft sale no I'm not saying how much I spent it was tooo much I'm not buying anything else for months ha ha. My journal has 14 pages and measures 8.5"x 8" I took apart a large sketch book re sized the pages and sewed it up with what is probably called pamphlet stitch I now have one more journal to work in I might make an Easter Journal. I'm getting obsessed now with journaling as its something I'm doing for myself and I dont have to show it around.

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  1. Journaling is very soothing especially if you know no-one will ever see it, (unless you want to share it). Once you relax and just do whatever comes to mind it turns into a real diary - I wouldn't want anyone to read mine :)
    What did you buy at Stamp Addicts?