Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fabric Book

At last Iv'e made a fabric book. I kept saying I would but never seemed to get around to it. There are quite a few out in blogging land this is my version. It includes hand and machine embroidery with some of my own hand dyed lace. The finished size is 10x8" I cut the pages out of cotton materials and machined the embellishments on then sandwiched thin wadding in between each set of pages and sewed it up like a bag turning it out the right way and hand sewing the open edges. I was going to stitch it together with a fancy stitch like Coptic but didn't exactly figure out how to do it so I just back stitched down the center of the stack of pages. I did find this the easiest way to line up the page edges. I will put it on my craft stall but dont expect to sell it customers wont like my asking price so I will probably keep it myself or give it away as a gift. I think I will have to make a paper book and practice Copic stitch I have seen some very nice versions about

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