Sunday, January 25, 2009

Papier Mache Figures

I like papier mache I find it very satisfying to create something from a pile of newspapers and glue. I like getting my hands in the pulp and molding it doesn't cost very much but I get impatient waiting for it to dry before moving on to the next stage. I started making papier mache about ten years ago with the usual bowls moving on from small ones to large and vases. I then started making cats, three so far and then on to a small life size dog. The grandchilden loved Woofie and would try to ride him when I wasn't looking but he is still going strong with only minor repairs. I return every now and then to make things the latest are these small figures made from an inner structure of wire covered with pulp and I layer the face to achieve a smoother look. My husband at a first look named them Elvis, Sargeant Pepper and Little Miss, no I wont finish her name here. I have my eye on a crocodile from a book next,to sit by the pond, if we have a summer without rain this year.

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  1. Jean, these figures are wonderful! They look so much fun. I love your Book of Roses too and the machine embroidery. I do like Richard Box's work. I really must look in here more often. If you need any help with putting links in your sidebar email me and I'll try and help.