Friday, November 19, 2010

Nashville thats me and Russell outside the Crazy Horse Saloon we returned there in the evening for a meal and a dance had a great time we saw some line dancing the only time we saw this dance in the States we like to ballroom dance as well as jive and just muck about. We did visit the Country Music Hall of Fame but Russell forgot to bring his camera so no photos.
The next day we were off to Memphis and Beale Street lots of music had a dance for our wedding anniversary and mentioning dancing I was enticed up to dance along the bar cant remember if it was Memphis or Nashville it was early evening not a lot of people about yet otherwise I wouldnt have done it. It was the bar with all the bras hanging up no they didnt get mine. Yes Russell did take a photo I might put it up sometime
On the Sunday we went to the First Baptist Church Nashville we were going to sneak in the back but Shirley and Howard welcomed us and we sat with them right up the front. We did enjoy the service very much like the C of E service I attend in the UK we even sung two hymns I knew. Thank you to all the people who spoke to us and made us welcome

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